Fully automatic waste baler

Fully Automatic Balers by Dixi

These hydraulic channel automatic balers with a modular design and a fully automatic tie off open up new prospects for market sector specific solutions against mountains of waste and recycling material.

Waste material in huge quantities and production recycling:

  • require a lot of handling, absorb valuable warehouse spaces and cause considerable expenditures for transportation to the recycling facilities
  • the effective volume reduction leads to a decrease of theses expenditures to a minimum
  • all important modules of the SLK channel baler product range can be modified perfectly and adjusted to user specific requirements, the selection of performance and capacity according to demand
  • the process related feeding of the waste or recycling material into the baler
  • the variable decision for the correct bale size

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Compaction force: 60 ton

Bale size: 600-700kg

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