The Dixi 50 S Plastic Bottle Baler

Dixi 50 S PET Plastic Bottle Baler

The Plastic Bottle Baler Provides Automatic compaction with:

– Hydraulically operated rams to restrain the elasticity of the bottles

– Automatic operation on closing main door

– Collecting channels designed for controlled removal of residual liquids

– Removable tray for removal of waste fluid

Technical description

Operational Details

The plastic bottle baler must be pre-loaded with plastic bottles in plastic bags; the bags can then be loaded into the drop down door section in the baler. Filling into the open space inside the baling chamber, when the space has been filled the main door is closed and the compaction cycle takes place.

Hydraulic restraints

In the baling chamber the main press ram goes down and compact’s the plastic bottles, at the end of the compaction cycle the two retaining rams move forward over the top of the compacted waste bags.

The compacted bottles waste is held under pressure by the two retaining rams. The main pressure ram returns to the top of the baling chamber.  On opening the drop down door more bags can be loaded into the empty compaction chamber. On closing the drop down door the compaction cycle is repeated.

Hydraulic door lock

When the screen displays bale ready for binding, the door can be opened via the secured hydraulic ram with the safe control via the two handed button.  Once the door is opened and the compacted bale is tied off the bale can be ejected onto pallet via the safe two handed control on the display board.

The bale size can vary with weights between 300 – 350kg achievable.

Compaction force: 50 ton

Bale size: 300-350kg

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