The New Generation of Balers – Nättraby & Dixi

Baled cardboard inside waste baler

Our customers had used many different types of balers; they asked if it’s possible to have a baler with the following improvements:

  1. Smaller more compact mill size baler
  2. Lower height baler (some balers were 3.5mts high taking up valuable racking and roof space)
  3. More energy efficient balers with smaller motors than some balers with 11kw motors.
  4. Removal of large bulky wheel for opening the main door
  5. Tying of bales made easier as the old cut and loop was oily and difficult
  6. Change the Compaction pressure and time for different materials
  7. Compaction force larger than 30ton or 40ton to generate 500kg bales

Nättraby & Dixi Balers (300-600kg bale weights)

The compact and low height baler is one of the first vertical semi automatic balers, with a compaction force of either 60 or 80tons can generate a bale from 450 – 700kg.

The onboard PC and visual display allow the full monitoring and control of the whole cycle through the low rated 7.5Kw motor and auto shut down after compaction cycle. The PC can be adjusted for cardboard or plastic with alteration of the bale compaction time.

Opening the main door is done hydraulically from the control panel which also allows the bale to be ejected with a push of a button.

Tied off waste bale
Waste baler mechanism

The above picture shows the tying off a cardboard mill size bale; the quick link wire is pushed  over the top of the bale and the wire is looped around the bale and comes out at the bottom.

The wires can then be linked together, this is repeated four times and the bale is ready to be ejected.

The Dixi 60/80s can also have the option of using tape should you have plastic material or shrink-wrap material that requires binding off with tape.

For Large Volume Users – Please view the SLS range of balers these are fully automatic horizontal balers which have been designed with the concept of the new Dixi 60s.

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