Dixi Cardboard Baler
  • Short term rental / hire available on our quality Dixi cardboard balers and plastic balers.
  • Fast and energy efficient Vertical & Automatic Balers.
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  • Sales and "rent to buy" options available.
  • Silent Running - No hydraulic oil or air compressors.
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We stock a large selection of waste cardboard balers for purchase and short-term hire

Our cardboard balers are manufactured by Dixi and Nattraby, manufactured to provide quality balers that are a good investment, value for money, and are compact and easy to use.

Reduce your waste costs dramatically by incorporating a Waste & Hygiene Solutions high quality compactor, baler or shredder – reducing, compacting and recycling waste streams from your normal waste skips can provide your company with great savings. We offer systems for reducing and recycling all of the following waste streams:

– Cardboard
– General Waste
– Plastic (all types of plastic including bottles)
– Polystyrene
– EPS products
– Plastic bottles
– Plaster & Gypsum Board
– Office and Factory waste
– Kitchen Waste

Balers can reduce your waste costs dramatically by incorporating a waste strategy, removing plastic, cardboard, and compacting general waste can reduce dramatically your waste costs, these wastes can the be put into a baler and compacted, the baled wastes can the be sold to recycling companies.

The use of baling systems or baler offer many benefits:

– Dramatically reduce waste disposal costs
– Provides a cleaner and safer working environment
– Create a proffesional and better image for the company
– Forms part of a waste and recycling strategy
– Reduces the volume of waste by as much as 8/1
– Can provide an income from your waste
– Reduce the risk of skip fire and vandals

The company offers a full range of Dixi baler systems from 4ton upto a 60 ton fully automatic baling machines the high specification balers have been proven as one of the most reliable and easy to use baling machines.

To start reducing waste and profit from your waste call us on 01543 500 950